new artist book by oliver sieber
will be released during paris photo
at polycopies paris

on sat nov 9, 2019, 11  –  7 pm

124 foldout pages, 66 colour images, 26,5 cm x 22 cm,
digital offset print on Munken natural paper, stapelbound,
softcover, published by Böhm  Kobayashi
edition of #100 copies, numbered
limited subscription of 30 copies until october 25th, 2019

35,– EUR plus shipping (germany 5,10 eur; other 9,50 eur)
later: 48,– EUR

If you want to order a limited subscription copy please write an email to:

»The idea of a diverse group still urges me  –  a community of individuals, including artists, musicians, transgender or blind people, older people, members of different subcultures, activists, some friends,lots of strangers  I want to get to know; people dancing, audience at concerts or exhibitions, everyday people  I just meet for just a moment in everyday  situations; a woman at a streetcorner, waiting at a traffic-light in Düsseldorf, a protestor at a demonstration in Tokyo, someone undressing.«

oliver sieber

For this new series Oliver Sieber worked on the street, took portraits of people in varying situations and extract them from these circumstances. The final results are digital collages, adding the cut out-people into different spaces.

Different from »Imaginary Club« he did not focus on the face but the figure of the portrayed person: his or her movement, the moment the camera captures  a motion, not clearly revealing the situation, freezing the motion of the body to an almost ‚un-real’ sculpture.

The relation between sculpture and photography always was of great interest for the artist. Photography can ewoke the illusion of a real sculpture — the impression of a three dimensional object in the two dimensional world of photography.

In »Album« the figures are loosely arranged, not according to types, instead the photographer combines the images with shots of street scenes  or instagram and other snapshots.
In these juxtapositions of different images he creates an “album”,  a co-existence of diverse ideas.

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