The Hobbyist

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Hobbies, Photography and the Hobby of Photography
Photomuseum Winterthur»»
Including Oliver Sieber’s Übungsräume.


What happens when photographers and artists incorporate hobbies into their work as a means of challenging artistic practices and hierarchies? How do hobbyists describe their passions photographically, not least today in our era of digital communication? The Hobbyist is the first major exhibition to explore the relationship between photography and hobby culture, both in connection to photography of hobbies and also photography as a hobby. Both hobby and photographic practices similarly find themselves in between leisure and labour, ideology and consumerism, between amateur culture and professionalism. From the hippy and avant-garde cultures of the 1960s, to 1980s do-it-yourself, to today’s maker movement, The Hobbyist explores photography’s engagement with a wide variety of lively, often quirky amateur obsessions.


»For Sale«

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108 pages, 20 x 27 cm, digital print
softcover, a CD including camera-sounds
edition of #75 copies, numbered
published by Böhm/Kobayashi

68,– EUR
Please send an email»», when you want to order a copy.

Since Oliver Sieber got his first Minolta XD7 in 1981 he kept all cameras he ever used in a cabinet in his studio. The collection includes several models by Contax or Plaubel, Hasselblad or Leica, Nikon or Fuji, Canon or Olympus; small, medium or large format – analogue or digital cameras. This collection is broadened with different lenses, flash lights, processors or other technical equipment.
Reasons to by a new camera, a new lense or a new flash light could be a new project or a new idea for an image for which you needed different equipment, different angels, different material; the other reasons would be be technical development or the shift from analogue to the digital photography. During the last years selling older analogue cameras would have been quite profitable. Now you could almost give some of them away for free.
In Oliver Sieber’s new book »For Sale« you find 51 photographs of cameras, lenses, flash-lights, film holders or other equipment he used over the last 25 years. You will also find 45 „reference-images“ from different photography-series and different decades taken with these cameras; portraits or landscape images, interiors, still-lifes or street photographs. The book also includes a CD with different sound of all these cameras – a collaboration with Axel Ganz ( a musician and field recording-artist from Düsseldorf.